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Treat your child...

to a unique EenyMeeny Music sing-along party! Eddie will entertain your child and their friends (and parents!) with an interactive EenyMeeny Music session in your home or venue, in North London.

Eddie will engage the children and gently encourage their participation with singing, actions and props, whilst playing acoustic guitar.
You can choose your favourite nursery rhymes and songs from musicals to create a personal session for your child. From gentle sit-down rhymes and hand-action songs, through to marching and dancing songs. Songs with shakers, whistles, ribbons, coconuts, teddy bears and of course thousands of little bubbles!

EenyMeeny Music Parties...

are fun, informal and relaxed musical sessions with minimum of mess, hype or amplification making it suitable for 1st parties for babies, right through to 4th parties, for girls and boys alike. If your little guests have never experienced an EenyMeeny Music session they will be captivated by the live sound of the guitar and Eddie’s singing and thrilled at the natural energy and excitement he brings out of the songs.

Eeny Meeny Music Party Pictures

Children are made to feel immediately welcome...

and at home with the mix of familiar nursery rhymes and traditional songs; which are so infectious the parents usually find themselves carried away and joining in as well. The parties are a great sing-along for all the family.
He won’t patronise the kids, scare them with overblown clowning, try any magic tricks or whip up any unnecessary hype. The guitar playing is live and without the use of backing tapes. Eddie can play in your front room, no need to hire an expensive venue, it takes 10 mins to set and pack away and will leave no mess - apart from the odd bubble!

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Hi Eddie
Thank you so much for doing Rupert's party yesterday. I literally don't think I have ever seen Rupes on such good form and he had the best time, as did all the kids actually. We watched the video of it last night and there are a few really special moments where every kid was joining in singing and dancing. It was really a wonderful afternoon and you did a great job - couldn't have been better really. Thank you thank you.

Best wishes, Rebecca

Dear Eddie
Thank you for turning a happy day into the ultimate celebration at Ruby's birthday party. I'm still not sure who had more fun - the kids or the adults, but it was truly such a great experience for the family and all our friends and we all left the party on an absolute high.

Warmest Wishes, Naomi (and your number 1 fans Joel and Ruby)

Hi Eddie
Just a quick message to say thanks so much for today. We had so many people coming up to us afterwards, saying how great you were, and I totally agree of course! I know Orlando loved it. He didn't make it through even his first bedtime story tonight, which is always a good sign. So, thanks again, it was really fun.So, thanks again, it was really fun. Charlie.

You did a great gig! and you have been a vital part of my kids early years musical education and I appreciate it.

See you Friday. Emily

thank you once again for playing at Ben’s party. He loved it. All the kids did. And the birthday tea was incredibly civilized which I think was directly attributable to your calm and happy influence!

Many, many thanks, from all of us

Hi Eddie
Thank you so much for coming today to entertain Jacob and his friends. He had a really lovely party. He went to bed watching a short video of your singing with a big smile on his face, he loved it, and so did we.

Thanks again. See you soon. Elaine and Richard

Dear Eddie
We wanted to thank you for Riya's fantastic birthday party! Riya and all her friends had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning some new songs, remembering some old ones and all their favourites. As I write this we are listening to Riya's "birthday party playlist"!

Thank you for a memorable 4th birthday. Riya, Shama and Niraj

Hi Eddie
Jacob's party was amazing! Thank you so much. Children were totally rivetted to your calm, quiet but totally in control of the room manner. Well done. I sincerely think you have a bit of a gift for this. You're clearly very well thought of by parents and nurseries who have genuine musical understanding / appreciation.

Well done you, Rachel

To the adults: the minimum party time is 45mins, max 1hr. I'm pretty flexible and want to facilitate everybody having the best time possible. On booking we will agree a start time but I don’t mind hanging on for latecomers, within reason, unless I have another booking to go onto, in which case I will let you know. Also I can wait while you light candles before Happy Birthday etc.
Once I’ve started playing I’ll keep an eye out for you and will try to accommodate any ad hoc change of plan.
To maximize your child’s enjoyment (and your value for money!) it helps if there are AS FEW distractions in the room as possible e.g. food, toys, balloons, competing noise etc
For 1 & 2 year old parties the children would ideally need a parent’s lap to sit on.
An EenyMeenyMusic Party is designed to be a singalong for everyone at the party. The music parties I offer aren’t really suitable if you’re just looking for an entertainer to take the kids off your hands.

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