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About Eeny Meeny Music

Eeny Meeny Music was established in 2007 and born out of the joy I experienced as my first child discovered the world of music - and out of the despair on hearing the appalling range of music CD's currently being aimed at children. Sharing early musical experiences brought us closer together; the fun we had as she learned her first simple nursery rhymes helped develop the bond between us and this deepened as the complexity and number of songs grew.

Music is vital to a child's development and many songs have been handed down over many generations, their origins often untraceable, due to their natural ability to provide fun and gentle frameworks for basic counting, language, learning of colours, body parts, early motor skills and sensory perception. The developing child learns how notes can be sequenced to form order and patterns, aiding their ability to express themselves through music, whilst preparing them for other patterns such as grammar and maths later. Singing along in a group setting is liberating for children and adults alike and will give the child experience in basic social skills.

Everyone knows how natural (and liberating) it is to sing to the pre-verbal child, in the absence of language, and it soon becomes obvious how this communication stimulates a wide range of responses from the child as it recognises the rhythms and melodies; whether they soothe, excite, send to sleep or wake up!

As well as the old traditional songs, such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (first published in 1761 and so inspiring that Mozart later composed 12 variations

of its theme!), there are many new nursery rhymes and contemporary popular songs which all provide the same richness for enhancing children's awareness of the world around them and the ability to share and enjoy taking part together.

Eeny Meeny Music draws from a diverse range of musical sources and nursery rhymes to introduce the children to the wonderful sound of music, rhythm, colour and rhyme. Using a variety of instruments over the weeks the children will be inspired to explore the music and carry this forward through their early years. For children with natural musical talent the earlier they can get started the better!

I hope to share my love for music with the children and awaken their hearts and minds as mine and my child's were.

What's in the name?

By the way I chose the name 'Eeny Meeny Music' for its great internal rhyming and the natural way it rolls off the tongue, even for children. It derives from the old counting rhyme we used as kids to decide who would be 'it' in the playground:

Eeny Meeny Macka Racka
Rare, Rye, Dominacka
Chickapoppa, Lollipoppa
Rum, Pum, Push!!!

It's amazing how many people remember this rhyme when prompted but had forgotten that they knew it all along! It has also been tried and tested by my daughter and she refers to the kids in the logo as the Eeny-Meenies!

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